Covid-19’s positive environmental impact on our business

4 years ago Posted by: skinflint News

As the world’s current situation dealing with the global pandemic continues to unfold, we here at skinflint are keen to keep connected with our employees, customers and like-minded businesses by keeping you up to date with our response to Covid-19, providing you with answers to our frequently asked questions and letting you know how we are doing our part to help our NHS. Staying positive, our latest update covers how Covid-19 has had a beneficial environmental impact on us as a business.

It is no surprise that since our cars have come to a stand-still and those workers who are able to are working remotely, that mother earth is having some much needed respite and healing. Though we've always been conscious of our environmental impact, as can be seen in our declaration of a climate emergency and our 2019 Carbon Audit, these uncertain times have made us even more aware of what is truly important.

We are proud that the majority of our core workforce has taken the initiative to walk and cycle to work as a part of their daily exercise routine, helping them keep in touch with nature and do their part in the ecosystem's restoration. On top of this, as we only have a minimal and isolated operations team working at our warehouses, we have also seen a decrease in the energy we use on-site, as we make even more of a conscious habit to turn off any equipment and lighting which is not in use. We have also significantly reduced our use of paper as the majority of our operations have now been moved online in order for our remote studio team to keep working.

With more time to reflect and plan, we have been developing ideas as a team on how we can continue to implement further changes: from purchasing electric vans for unavoidable transportation of goods, to supporting our remote staff in finding ways they can decrease their energy uses. Though these current times have been disruptive to our way of life, we remain positive and will not let anything stop us from continuing on our road to becoming a carbon-neutral business by 2025.

If you have any questions in regards to our operations and environmental impact during Covid-19, please get in touch.