Lit by skinflint: Catch 22

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Our lights have been spotted in the 2019 adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. Captain John Yossarian, a young bombardier in WWII tries to avoid death by any means possible whilst the required mission count continues rising.

The show juxtaposes scenes of war and violence with scenes of peace and beauty. This is marked by the score, cinematography, and the set design. Our fixtures light the army base, their own histories making them a perfect choice for this series.

Our 1940s US paratrooper pendants sit in the windows of the medical tent, where Yossarian spends much of his time avoiding flying his required missions. The army-green shade complements the sepia-toned colour grade, and their origin from a US army base brings true authenticity to this set.

Our Czech army pendants can be seen throughout the army base. Most notably, they sit in the great hall, illuminating the bombing line dotted along the large map. Their patina and angled shade allows for them to easily illuminate the missions Yossarian is trying to hard to avoid.

With both their histories steeped in war, these lights allow for this set to be as accurate as possible, and give our lights another chapter in their long stories.

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 Distributor: Hulu

Products used in this Project

US paratrooper pendants (V1)


Czech Army field light pendants