Primrose Hill, London

10 years ago Residential

An imposing 6 floor house in North London was to be completely gutted and refurbished with reclaimed materials.

The challenging brief called for the sustainable ethos to be extended into the lighting specification, with, wherever possible, reclaimed feature lighting introduced instead of utilising newly manufactured products.

Subsequently all areas were not only designed around the architecture but also around the lighting products available – ranging from glass and aluminium industrial fluorescent pendants from the 1950’s, within the service area of the basement, through reclaimed factory pendants from the now defunct Rover factory at Longbridge, in the double height ground floor office, to softer glassware from the 1920’s within the bedrooms.

Over 70 different types of feature light are supported by a more conventional scheme of low energy fluorescent and LED sources, subtly integrated within the architecture to provide a background level of light. Our experience in product design has enabled us to integrate lighting details within the furniture and architectural elements, whilst in addition to a network of other suppliers our sister company was able to supply the majority of the reclaimed lighting. The end result, a fantastically individual and unique scheme befitting the superb architecture and stunning location of the property.