Lit by skinflint: The Outfit

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Graham Moore’s directorial debut, The Outfit, stars Mark Rylance as Savile Row cutter Leonard Burling. Set in 1950s Chicago, gangster rivalries unfold within the confines of one set. Also taking place in only one night, Leonard finds himself embroiled in their games of murder and deceit. The dark interior of Leonard’s shop becomes the centre of their seedy ongoings, underscoring the era-specific decor with skinflint lighting.

Our 1920s Czech chandelier sits neatly in the shop’s reception, building part of the earth-toned set that is loyal to the preserved nostalgia of tailors’ stores, and reflective of the protagonist’s old-school moral code. Positioned between the ochre-tinted sliding doors, the yellow opaline globes draw together the earthy interiors, as well as being part of the narrative framing device that the doors enact.

To hire or purchase our lights for your own set, get in touch at and bring your next project to life with authentic vintage lighting. 

Distributor: Universal Pictures

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1920s Czech chandelier light


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