Lit by skinflint: Loki Season 2

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As we look back at our favourite skinflint features of 2023, season 2 of Loki is a late but strong contender. The God of Mischief returns to our screens with the rest of the TVA as they fight to save the future of the organisation and the branched timelines. Jumping between past, future, and present, our lights take a page out of Loki’s book and prove once again that they are timeless pieces.

Our Josef Hurka pendants light up a dive bar in Sylvie’s branched timeline set in the 80s. Their halo design alludes to Loki’s position as a God, albeit not always the most moral one, and foreshadows the season’s end as he assumes his glorious purpose. The illumination provides the perfect dimly lit appearance for the bar, with it’s soft yet structured yellow glow.

Our 1970s square cut glass pendants line the record store, arranged neatly like the vinyls in their shelves below. The prismatic glass offers a striking illumination, and their black enclosures provide the perfect amount of contrast, echoing the style of the halo pendants. The monochromatic contrast ties in with the mid-century modern design of the series. 

The sequence shows Sylvie illuminated under our pendants as she listens to Lou Reed for the very first time. Our lights are the focal pulling point of the cinematography, drawing us into her headspace as she tries to drown out her problems. The world around Sylvie begins to disappear, as her timeline falls victim to the failings of the temporal loom. The pendants begin to dissolve into ribbons of time and space, flickering with Sylvie’s last hope. 

The second season of Loki comes with high recommendation from us at skinflint. If you are looking for the perfect pieces to complement your set, get in touch with our team at

Distributor: Marvel Studios

Products used in this Project

Vintage British factory shades


1950s Josef Hurka Halo Lights


1970s square cut glass ceiling lights (v2)