Planet Pay Back Promotion: 20% off

2 years ago Posted by: skinflint B Corp

A genuinely good deal

This Black Friday, we're doing Planet Pay Back. What's that? Good question. It's a skinflint promotion which gives you 20% off our range of vintage lights alongside a promise that we'll also donate 20% to charity through 1% for the Planet approved organisations.

How does it work?

If you've had your eye on some picture perfect pendants, on Friday the 25th of November, add them to your basket and enter the code PlanetPayBack at the checkout to get 20% off. We'll then match that amount in the form of a donation to charity. When you're placing your order, you'll have the option to add a note and specify the charity that you would like a donation to go to. More details on the charities below.

It's like a reward

It's our way of saying thank you to our valued customers this Black Friday without making the planet pay. Because when you buy a vintage light with skinflint, you're buying into the circular economy.

But Black Friday is unethical

Hyperconsumerism goes against what we stand for. We don't want to pressure our customers into buying things they don't need or want. That's why we're being transparent about our promotion dates, times and details; our sale will run until Wednesday the 30th of November, giving you time to peruse our collections and work out whether you really need those polished pendants, linear lights or bulkheads, or whether you can do without.

The charities

Each of the charities below has been chosen by us as a team. We voted on a range of NGOs that are mission aligned; ones that have the same goals and purposes as us, and ones that mean a lot to our team. Choose from one of the three charities below, and we'll make sure that your donation reaches them. If you're undecided, that's okay too, we'll let our team decide.