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3 years ago Posted by: skinflint Interiors

Above: Retro 1970s square-cut glass ceiling lights salvaged from former Bohemia, a country now located in the Czech Republic.

On one of our last sourcing trips before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we were fortunate enough to visit the Bohemia area of the Czech Republic. Famed for its long and celebrated history of intricate and crystal-clear Bohemian glassware, the trip and haul of vintage lights we discovered there didn’t disappoint.

Twelve months (and a few lockdowns) later, after a meticulous restoration process the lights are ready for the next chapter of their lives, and we are excited to share our unique collection of crystal glassware lights with you.

skinflint Czech chandelier Above: A run of elegant brass and glass chandeliers from the 1970s salvaged from former Czechoslovakia, made by renowned glassmaker Lustry Kamenicky Senov.

Above: Distinctly unique and elegant 1950s rodded glass lights featuring the original prismatic glass lens.

The collection features a range of blown, hand-cut, prismatic and patterned glass pieces including retro pendants and chandeliers from the renowned Bohemia glassworks of Lustry Kamenicky Senov. Each light has been sensitively restored and updated for modern LED technologies by our lighting experts.

skinflint brass czech pendantsAbove: A pair of our retro Czechoslovakian cross-cut diamond glass pendants make an eye-catching statement piece when suspended at asymmetric heights within the room, particularly above a coffee or bar table seen here.

Whether coveting a one-off statement piece, or looking to create a clustered lighting installation using smaller glass pendants, the pieces in this collection will add opulence and a sense of retro glamour to your space. Why not do as we’ve done here, and accessorize yours with a home bar and a retro cocktail classic.

Cut Czech glass chandelierAbove: One of two 1970s cut-glass chandeliers from Czechoslovakia, available in a four-moulded glass version (pictured), and also as a three moulded-glass version.

Above: Copper and chrome Czech chandelier from the 1960s. With a warm feel and reflective properties, copper also ages beautifully over time giving life to a unique and interesting surface patina.

skinflint mini czech glass pendants Above: A cluster of three 1960s moulded Czech glass pendant lights hung at various levels creates a striking impact, especially when illuminated.

Above: A retro 1970s Sputnik chandelier salvaged from a Prague hotel lobby, another piece in our collection made by renowned Bohemian glassworks factory Lustry Kamenicky Senov.

skinflint Crystal glassware collection

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