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Cool, quirky and creative, the inimitable Artist Residence hotel collection offers artist-designed rooms and high-end dining at its four - soon to be five - locations around the UK. The fun and unique design-led interior brings together reclaimed vintage furniture, work from up-and-coming artists and features original skinflint lighting in a variety of settings across its London, Brighton, Oxfordshire and Penzance locations.

A pair of reclaimed 1950s US traffic lights illuminate the counter of the Cambridge Street Kitchen restaurant in London, while polished aluminium machinist lights salvaged from a factory in the former Czechoslovakia provide lighting above the banquette seating in the dining area. A selection of lighting has been used throughout the hotel interior: racing-green machinist lights by British manufacturer Revo make characterful bedside reading lights, and a 1930’s R.A.F. hanger pendant provides statement ambient lighting above an armchair.

In Penzance, blue enamelled Hungarian pendants hang in bedroom and living areas, while a variety of vintage Czech glassware has also been converted for use in the bathrooms. In Oxfordshire, naval passageway lights salvaged from a decommissioned Japanese cargo ship in India have also been converted for bathroom use.

skinflint has been working with Artist Residence for a number of years and - we’ll admit - from its grassroots beginnings to today, it’s a relationship we’re rather proud of.

Read more in our Q&A with Artist Residence founder and ‘accidental hotelier’ Justin Salisbury on the blog.

Photography credit: Artist Residence

Products used in this Project

1950s Eastern Bloc machinists lights

19 left

R.A.F hanger lights. Circa 1930. (M)


Porcelain and glass wall light


Hungarian factory shades (MK2G)


Naval passageway lights by Osaka Tokushu


Retro 1960s Czech wall lights