Period Living: Reclaiming the Past

4 years ago Posted by: skinflint In the press

Period Living recently spoke to our co-director Sophie Millier in search of expert advice for their 'Reclaiming the past' segment in their latest issue. This section highlights the importance of buying salvaged materials for your home and how it not only enhances the character and history of the space but is an environmentally-friendly choice. With regards to vintage and reclaimed lighting, Sophie said the following:

"When you buy a vintage light, you're not only purchasing a unique piece of history, but something with longevity. Lights that were manufactured between 1900 - 1970 were made to last, and many have actually outlasted the building they were designed to illuminate. We've salvaged lights from derelict Victorian asylums and defunct factories to iconic sites that were being redeveloped such as the Rolls Royce factories in Derby and Cockenzie power station in Scotland. Each light has its own story."

With thanks to Period Living.