It's official! We're a Certified B Corporation™

2 years ago Posted by: skinflint B Corp

There’s a new B in town! We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have officially received our Certified B Corporation® status from B Corp UK.

What does being a B Corporation mean?

B Corporations, or ‘B Corps’, for short, are companies that are legally required to make business a force for good. They commit to transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

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How did we get here?

In 2021, we elected to go through a rigorous assessment process, scrutinising the way we do business. We worked with a specialist consultant to formally evaluate our approach, culminating in a report covering our governance, workers, communities, the environment and our customers. Going into granular levels of detail, the report honed in on specifics in our ethics policies and practices, our leaders, our diversity and inclusion performance, our supply chain management, and more - even down to how and where we source our office biscuits. This lengthy but essential process is one of the many reasons we’re very excited to no longer be a ‘Pending B Corp’ - we’re now officially certified, which means we have a B Impact Score detailing how we’re performing. It’s proven invaluable in helping us take stock of the things we’re doing well, and in acknowledging areas for improvement.

How did we do?

The B Corp team awarded us a B Impact Score of 82.6, meaning that we Certified on our first application - many companies apply two or three, even four times before reaching the standards needed to certify.

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How did that happen?

At skinflint, doing business the right way is embedded in our ethos. What we do and how we do it, are not things we need to redefine. We were founded on a mission to only ever salvage, restore and refurbish original lights, meaning we do good, daily. We’ve been fighting against a take-make-use-lose economic model since we were born over a decade ago, a mission that we never have, and never will waver from. So for us, becoming B Corp™ is a natural next step, one that will hold us accountable as we continue to play our part in balancing profit with purpose.

What happens now?

We join the B Corp Movement which aims to galvanise other businesses into rethinking how they operate. Its principles are based around the Theory of Change which, in short, ask us to imagine a world where all stakeholders, not just shareholders, are valued and prioritised. To us at skinflint, we want to do more than imagine - we want to be the change we seek in the world. This means you’ll probably spot the B Corp™ logo on our website, social channels, and maybe even in the press. The B Corp™ badge is one we’ll wear proudly, so when you see the logo, know that we’re committing to transparency in measuring our social and environmental performance. Know that we’ll be held accountable to doing good, and know that we’ll hold others accountable to doing good too.

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our ethos.

What happens now?

This signifies the beginning of our B Corp journey, one which we invite you to follow us on, as we promise to continue to act as a catalyst for change, and encourage other businesses to follow suit. ⁠Our Company Profile is now live for you to view in the B Corp directory, where you can read our B Impact score. Over the coming months, we’ll share more on our environmental and social impact, and how we plan to continue making improvements to our impact.