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1920s glass wall light by GEC

1920s antique GECoRAY wall light - A very early, silver backed glass light by British manufacturer GEC.

1940s airfield traffic lights

1940s airfield traffic light- Vintage converted airfield traffic lights salvaged from a 1940s RAF base in Northwest Wales.

Eastern Bloc machinists wall light

1950s Eastern Bloc machinists lights- Vintage Czech machinists lights salvaged from a former industrial site.

White enamel benjamin pendant light

1950s industrial pendant lighting- A classic industrial-style enamel pendant light by British manufacturer Benjamin.

Vintage RAF wall lights

Vintage R.A.F wall lights- Salvaged airfield lights that were originally installed at an R.A.F base in Northwest Wales where they once illuminated the runway.

Perihel reclaimed table light

Vintage table light by Perihel- A converted original 1940s medical therapy lamp by British manufacturer Perihel, perfect for task lighting on a table or desk.