How to style vintage fluorescent lighting

4 years ago Posted by: skinflint Lighting advice

Above: These 1950s vented enamel shades by GEC, originally from a pottery in Stoke on Trent, illuminate the main bar at The Stable in Whitechapel, and add a useful element of uplighting to the interior.

Taking advantage of new technologies, our lighting experts are weaving modern-day tricks into our collection of vintage fluorescent lights. And as our guide proves, they are incredibly versatile too. Whether making a statement over a kitchen island unit, or getting clever with wall-mounted dimmable versions in the bedroom, there’s no end to the imaginative ways you can style vintage fluorescent lighting at home or in commercial settings.

Eastern Bloc industrial raw light fittingEastern Bloc LED lighting (V5) wall-mounted vertically in the kitchen, above.

Old lights, modern technology

As with all of the original lights under our care, the vintage fluorescents lights in our collection have been meticulously restored and updated with modern technologies ready for energy-saving LED lamps and dimmable switches. These lamps have all the usual LED benefits of lamp-life including lower power consumption and modern-day dimming, with colour temperature a near match too.

This means you can re-think where fluorescent lights are suited to. One of our favourite examples of styling is this fully dimmable wall-mounted version in the bedroom, allowing you to easily find the right ambiance to suit your mood and the time of day. This sleek 1960s industrial linear light was salvaged from the Eastern Bloc, adding a touch of industrial chic to this feminine domestic setting.

fluorescent light by Heyes of WiganIndustrial lighting by Heyes, above.

New applications

Many of the lights in the skinflint fluorescent lighting collection have the option to be mounted directly to the wall or ceiling, like we’ve done here in the kitchen - a striking feature light, especially good if you’re short on space at home. Alternatively, try mounting it directly to the wall to illuminate a kitchen island unit or bedside table. Some are even suitable as free-standing versions.

Industrial lighting by Heyes, above at The Cotton Factory in Manchester.

Domestic vs commercial settings

We’ve seen above how fluorescent lights can be used in a variety of domestic settings, but over the years we’ve seen clients use our vintage fluorescent lights in a myriad of creative commercial settings too. From illuminating worktop counters in shops, to bars and workspaces in restaurants, fluorescent lighting provides ideal statement task lighting.

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