Grove Cottage vintage industrial lights

3 years ago Residential

When skinflint founders Chris and Sophie Miller bought their Cornish cottage in 2012 they embarked on a renovation project to bring their home up to 21st-Century environmental and sustainable standards, simultaneously retaining its character whilst making it their own.

Explore the house and project in more detail in our interview with Sophie here.

As expected, Chris and Sophie's family home is a treasure trove of vintage and reclaimed finds, with plenty of vintage and industrial lights to be found despite the cottage's traditional low ceilings. A pair of 1920s antique copper GECoRAY wall lights, which were salvaged from a church in Surrey, help to illuminate the kitchen counter whilst complementing the colours and tones of the zinc, copper, oak and concrete of the wider space. Meanwhile a space-saving, wall-mounted vintage fluorescent light, left in its authentic raw state while converted for eco-friendly LED technologies, provides feature lighting behind the dining table. Elsewhere, old factory isolation switches make a fun and interactive feature lighting by the adjoining living room area and sofas.

Moving upstairs to the living areas a variety of vintage lights can be found - bulkheads salvaged from old naval ships, opaline surface mounted ceiling lights and feature lights including a converted medical heat lamp providing task desk lighting. An early machinist’s work light in the hallway also provide functional task lighting.

Explore the house in more detail in our interview with Sophie here.

With thanks to Arnold's Kitchens for some of the imagery used.

Products used in this Project

Miniature machinists light


Antique GECoRAY wall light by GEC


Soltan table light


Isolator wall lights by Walsall


Eastern Bloc LED lighting (V5)