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4 years ago Posted by: skinflint News

During these unprecedented times it's important to come together, and our spirits have been lifted by the numerous grassroots initiatives springing up in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Eager to be proactive, members of our skinflint team have been banding together with the local community and getting involved with the nationwide 'For The Love of Scrubs’ project that is helping to combat the shortage of hospital scrubs and protect our NHS staff members.

First initiated by nurse Ashleigh Lindsell from the Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire, this movement is bringing thousands of tailors and seamstresses together, along with many other volunteers, in order to create hospital scrubs from their home. Many fabric wholesalers have also risen to the occasion by offering heavy discounts on anyone purchasing fabric for the scrubs and even donating the much-needed materials to local groups.

In Cornwall, we’ve joined our own local movement called ‘Cornwall Scrubs’ founded by Annie Lucas. Passionate members of our team have become key players in this group, from helping run the social media channels to exercising their sewing machine skills. Our co-directors Chris & Sophie Miller have also offered a dedicated safe workspace to our sewing workforce in order to maximise productivity and ensure the success of this important task.

As well as stitching and sewing the important scrubs together, this group is also looking for people to deliver, wash and iron the fabric - which is where our non-sewing members of skinflint are offering a helping hand. During these hard times, it is important for us all to remember that we are in this together and so we encourage all our local businesses and friends to help this project and support our NHS staff - either by volunteering or by donating.

Find out how you can help in Cornwall here by joining the ‘Cornwall Scrubs’ group.

Or check out the ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’ nationwide group.

If you don’t have a sewing machine you can still get involved. Other ways to help your local community include joining The Land Army, a group of volunteers dedicating their time and efforts into keeping our farms and fields alive, and the NHS Volunteer Responders who help our NHS to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe and well.