Vintage dentists lights adapted and restored

8 years ago Posted by: skinflint News

For months, we have been patiently restoring three 1960s dentists’ lights, recovered from surgeries in the north of England. Finally, they’re ready to show you.

Each light has dozens of individual components, and their original glass refractors intact, they have undergone at least ten processes to repurpose them for modern use – including machining bespoke wall-mounting plates for the 1960's surgical lights.

The results are very satisfying: substantial and versatile as a reading, working or focused display light, with five points of articulation. We don’t expect them to be in our studio much longer.

We have two styles available, a pair of wall mounted and a single floor standing unit.

Dentist Floor Light

Dentist's floor light

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Dentist Wall Light

1960's Surgical Wall Light

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