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This year has shown more than ever how important it is to support small and smart local initiatives like this one. Continuing our commitment to tackling the ongoing climate crisis, and following on from the recent launch of our product buy-back scheme, this Christmas we are choosing to support KLOTH - a community sharing scheme for Falmouth and Penryn.

KLOTH is about changing the way we think about what we use and own. A ‘Library of Things’ works like a normal library, but instead of borrowing books, you can borrow tools, kitchen equipment, camping gear... in fact, pretty much anything. The kind of things that you might not own, only use occasionally, or perhaps for many, simply can’t afford.

A Library of Things creates a place for the community to come together and really start to make a difference about climate change. Because a Library of Things also means buying less, repairing more and having greater respect for resources, our environment and our planet.

Whether you live locally or further afield, there are many ways you can help with this initiative and similar ones near you:

1. Pledge your support to KLOTH via their Crowdfunder page:

2. Have a good clear out for any quality items and ask KLOTH if they would like an item you are willing to donate:

3. Research your own local library of things (or start you own!):

Thank you!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021 from all of us at skinflint.