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4 years ago Posted by: skinflint Sustainability

Image above: Original desk lamp by Kandem

As a business and as individuals, all of us here at skinflint are learning and working hard to not only mitigate our own impact on the environment, but bring others on board as well. This Christmas is no exception. So whether taking your first steps into the often confusing world of sustainability, or are a fully fledged eco-warrior, we’re sure you’ll find something in our wishlist of gifts for friends and family who are also trying to do better.

Spread some Positive News
We could all do with a little good news this year. If you’re fed up with bad news but still want to stay informed, then Positive News is for you. The print and online print magazine is full of quality independent journalism covering stories of social and environmental progress and all of the other good things in the world. Read online for free, or buy a yearly subscription of the print magazine for £30, and boost your wellbeing whilst staying engaged with the world.

Buy experiences not things
We’re big fans of giving experiences as thoughtful and memorable gifts here at skinflint, and now more than ever we all need something to really look forward to post-lockdown. Our top team suggestions are pottery and cookery courses, guided foraging walks, and surfing or coasteering days out. Our beloved local independent restaurants are also finding things particularly challenging this year, so why not buy a gift voucher from your favourite place to enjoy when lockdown lifts.

Ethical toiletries
Each of our daily bathing routines contribute tonnes of plastic and packaging materials to landfill each year, but some companies are trying to change things. Wild’s mission is to shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products, and its plastic-free refillable 100% natural deodorant is available for both men and women. Estrid is a fairly priced, cruelty-free quality razor subscription for women, with fresh blades delivered to your door. Whilst Bristile is the eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush subscription service. All of the aforementioned companies offer flexible subscription services delivered in sustainable packaging that you can pause at anytime.

Reusable (and leakproof) lunch box
We’re a bunch of foodies here at skinflint, and between the team (after numerous accidental lunch spills over the years) we think we’ve found the ideal stainless steel lunch box from Black+Blum. It’s 100% leakproof, thanks to its vacuum-sealed closure, oven and freezer safe and includes a stainless steel fork and adjustable internal divider.

Give vintage and reclaimed
If you have to buy something this Christmas and beyond, then nothing is more sustainable than buying existing products already in circulation. So rather than buy new, think vintage and reclaimed. Uncover one-off treasures from local antique shops, pre-loved clothes from Depop, second-hand vinyl from Discogs, and of course unique giftable vintage lights from us here at skinflint.
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Climate offset
Terrapass is the brainchild of Dr. Karl Ulrich and 41 of his students at the University of Pennsylvania as a way to help everyday people take responsibility for their impact on the climate. Through their website you can buy carbon offset vouchers, the proceeds of which are reinvested into carbon reduction projects in communities around the United States. As a guide, the average American produces 36,000 lbs of CO2 emissions each year, which equates to 3,000lbs each month (approximately £11.29 per month in offset costs).

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!