Latest releases: British heritage lighting

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Gecoray wall light

Antique GECoRAY wall light by GEC - Salvaged from a church in Surrey, these 1920s copper and mirrored glass wall lights make for a stunning feature in a domestic or commercial space.

Salvaged Hungarian railway signal lights

Salvaged Hungarian railway signal lights - Refined details on these fittings include the originally sprung anti-vibration rings, which dampened any movement from the passing trains.

Retro Czechoslovakian pendants (V2)

Retro Czechoslovakian pendants (V2) - Stylish retro cross-cut diamond glass pendants salvaged from former Czechoslovakia with a new spun brass gallery.

Strand projector floor light

Vintage Strand projector floor light - A feature floor-standing lamp with a salvaged 'Strand Electric Patt 23' British theatre light, which would have once been used to illuminated theatres such as the Royal Festival Hall.

XL Chemistry building lights by Holophane

XL Chemistry building lights by Holophane - Industrial pendant lights salvaged from The School of Chemistry within the University of Birmingham, originally made by British manufacturer 'Holophane'.

Vintage Beniflux pendant lights

Vintage Beniflux pendant lights - An industrial low profile vitreous enamel shade salvaged from a warehouse in the Northwest of England.