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Silver backed glass wall lights. Circa 1930

Luminaire Reference: 12_1432

Very early silver backed reeded glass reflectors with swan neck wall brackets. Circa 1930 Originally designed as part of a range of reflectors of superior quality scientifically designed for the illumination of shop windows. Sensitively restored and  supplied with new nickel plated galleries, swan neck wall brackets with integral mounting and B22 (Bayonet) lamp holders.

The extract shown is from a catalogue by 'EFESCA.' A Falk & Stadelmann company and competitor of 'GEC' producing similar items and dated 1933.



230 mm
350 mm


450 (Projection) mm
n/a mm


2 kg



Product Sold.

Notes: The extract shown is from our own internal manufacturers archive and taken from a catalogue by 'EFESCA.' A Falk & Stadelmann company producing similar items and dated 1933.

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