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Vintage Holophane floor standing lamp

Luminaire Reference: 15_2493

Feature floor standing light by Holophane on sculptor's stand. Circa 1950.

Salvaged from the decommissioned factories of Rolls-Royce in Derby, this large polished aluminium light with its original prismatic glass lens was originally manufactured by Holophane and has been converted by the Skinflint studio into an impressive feature floor standing light.

The light itself was made by British manufacturers Holophane, with a large polished aluminium enclosure and its original prismatic convex glass lens. There are a number of cast manufacturers details which emphasise the heritage of the light and it has been mounted on a steel bracket with brass handles to enable the light to be angled and locked in position.

The light sits atop a sculptor's stand by British sculpture studio supplier Alec Tiranti Ltd. The stand has a polished aluminium cast top plate with manufacturers branding, brushed and lacquered steel legs and brass detailing. The stand also allows the light to be rotated a full 360 degrees.

Supplied tested and rewired with three metres of elephant grey cable, new screw (E27) lamp holder, foot switch and plug.

The extract shown is from our own internal manufacturers catalouge archive.




360 mm
1650 mm


n/a mm
730 (base) mm


18 kg



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