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Private Residence, Constantine, Cornwall

Specified by: SkinFlint Design

A stunning residential property in Cornwall features an eclectic mix of our products chosen to reflect and highlight the architecture within each given space. The project includes a series of salvaged nautical wall lights within the conservatory and our elegant opaline pendants from Czechoslavakia, which work particularly well against the distinctive timber-framed structure of this beautiful family residence on Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsular.

Products used

Elegant glass & bakelite teardrop pendants

Hand blown elegant glass and bakelite 1950s pendants.

Quantity Remaining: 19

Salvaged school hall lights. 1963

Stunning run of imposing suspended luminaires salvaged from a school in Chester, England, UK. Originally installed 1963.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Nautical 90deg wall lights

Nice run of polished brass and glass naval bulkheads by Hallborn. Salvaged from US cargo ships in India. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 0