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GBK: Oxford | Designer Lighting

Specified by: Moreno Masey

Another successful project for GBK by London based architectural practise Moreno Masey, where an eclectic mix of Skinflints products were specified for the Oxford restaurant. Czechoslovakian machinists lights are utilised to draw focus to key areas with our ever popular 1930s hurricane glass lamps providing illumination above the main eating area.

Products used

Eastern Bloc machinists lights. Circa 1950 (3 Arm)

Vintage wall mounted machinists lights salvaged from a factory in the former Czechoslovakia. Polished aluminium shade and base with triple brushed and lacquered steel arm arrangement.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Carbide floodlight reflectors. Circa 1930 (MK1)

Superb run of salvaged ex stock carbide reflectors. Shallow profile spun steel reflectors with plated polished internal surface and matt external face.

Quantity Remaining: 0

British glass pendants. Circa 1930

Large run of early British etched glass pendants embossed with 'British Manufacture.' Originally utilised within hand held hurricane gas lamps prior to the advent of electric lighting.

Quantity Remaining: 4