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Cleaver Oxford

Specified by: Moxon Design

Specified by our friends at Moxon Design, an eclectic mix of Skinflints vintage pendant lights including salvaged firebrigade searchlights and grey enamel factory shades from the now demolished power station in Cockenzie which once powered Scotland with it's coalfired electric generators, are positioned above the central stairwell, providing both a functional lighting level and decorative impact.

Products used

Power station lighting. MK I.I

Parabolic British factory shades by "Benjamin" salvaged from Cockenzie Power Station, East Lothian, Scotland. Circa 1960.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Vintage pendant lights

Salvaged industrial pendant lights by 'Coughtrie of Glasgow' Clear glass domes with polished two part aluminium enclosures complete with cast makers mark.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Vintage British pendant light

Reclaimed porcelain and glass pendant lights by 'Smithlite' Circa 1950. Glass enclosures with porcelain bases and brushed steels conduit tops.

Quantity Remaining: 0

French textile factory lights (Type 3)

Stunning run of vintage French prismatic lights by 'Holophane' salvaged from the main spinning room of a textile factory established in 1911 in Tourcoing, Lille, France.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Period British lights. Circa 1930

Vintage British opaline globes complete with original monks cap and short hook stanchion.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Decorative opaline Czech pendants

Elegant 1950s glass lights salvaged from a school in the former Czechoslovakia.

Quantity Remaining: 5

Vintage British industrial lights

Large run of industrial caged pendants by British manufacturer "Heyes & Co" entitled "The Wigan." Salvaged from the outbuildings of a Victorian hospital in Ayrshire, Scotland, UK. Circa 1940.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Salvaged fire brigade search lights

Large run of imposing glass and aluminium vintage lights by "British Bullfinch" Originally utlised as portable, temporary floodlights and salvaged from fire stations in the Northwest of England, UK.

Quantity Remaining: 0

Large salvaged Eastern Bloc pendants

Imposing glass and aluminium pendants salvaged from a factory within the former Czechoslovakia. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 0

EX MOD marine marker Lights

Early run of British Navy man overboard marker lights by 'Londex Limited' and dated 1958. Converted into attractive suspended feature lights.

Quantity Remaining: 1