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Claud W. Dennis

Specified by: Avocado Sweets

Claud W. Dennis is an independent coffee shop in Southgate, London. The design by Avocado Sweets revives many of the shop's original features with cutting-edge technology that is seamlessly incorporated into the vintage look. 

Lighting throughout the design celebrates some of the greatest in British engineering. 1950s Benjamin shades, once used on a car production line, hang above the iPad bar. The counters are illuminated by REVO factory shades, while the imposing salvaged railway station pendant hangs within the rear seating area.

Photography by Andrew Beasley

Products used

Vintage lighting by REVO

Stunning elegant enamelled shade by British manufacturer 'REVO' salvaged from a factory in Leicestershire, UK. Circa 1960.

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Vintage British enamel lighting

Large elliptical angled English factory shades by "Benjamin" salvaged from an engineers workshop in Holyhead. Circa 1950.

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Giant German station lights

Large run of imposing vitreous enamelled lights salvaged from a railway station in the former Western Germany. Circa 1930.

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