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BrewDog, Berlin

Specified by: BrewDog

There is a relaxed, raw industrial style at the new BrewDog bar in Berlin. A variety of Skinflint lights hang throughout, including 1950s blue explosion proof pendants by Victor, which were originally used in extreme environments in the mining industry.

The finishes of all the lights compliment the industrial interior, oxide prismatic pendants from the Eastern Bloc provide subtle mood lighting above the tables, whilst industrial black enamel Czech pendants give a more ambient light and provide a focal point to the bar seating area.

Products used

XL Explosion proof pendant lighting by Victor

Industrial pendant lights by Victor, originally designed for use in the mining industry. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 11

Oxidised Eastern Bloc industrial lights

Vintage industrial lighting salvaged from factories within the former Eastern Bloc with an oxidised steel enclosure and original linear prismatic glass.

Quantity Remaining: 17

Eastern Bloc factory lights

Fantastic run of imposing factory lights salvaged from industrialised areas in the south of the former Czechoslovakia.

Quantity Remaining: 12