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The Johnson Building, Hatton Garden, London

A family of lighting products was specially designed for this 6 floor office development in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter.

The extruded, modular, suspended direct/indirect luminaires for the Johnson Building in London’s Hatton Garden, were designed around a very low sectional profile.

The installed family of products consists of 25 indirect/direct linear fluorescent luminaires. These range in sectional lengths from 1000 to 3000mm, all with indirect illumination and with a choice of perforated or louvered direct light. Each module is equipped with a sophisticated sensor arrangement, regulating the light levels around occupation and surrounding ambient levels. Sensors could be programmed and controlled individually via a hand held controller with both the time delay on occupancy and lux level able to be set to the client’s specific requirements. 

Originally built as an open plan space, it was envisaged that as occupiers purchased floor space, areas would become sub-dived. With this in mind the installed lighting products are ‘future proofed’ The products are suspended and powered via a continuous recessed lighting track and connections, both mechanically and electrically, between each module can be terminated and capped if specific modules have to be removed to adjust to the changing architecture.

Ultimately over 3,000metres of product were installed. The product's efficient design ensured a reduced installation period whilst when in operation, each unit’s sensor ensures that no energy is utilised unless completely necessary.

Design Team: A collaboration between Equation (Lighting Consultants) and iGuzzini UK* (Lighting Manufacturer)

*Undertaken whilst our director was employed as Special Products Manager at iGuzzini UK.