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Marks and Spencer: National Rollout

A series of lighting products were produced as part of a wider rebranding exercise for this established UK retailer.

A family of bespoke surface mounted products was developed and included metal halide gimbal fixtures, fluorescent sources (both direct and indirect) and integral perimeter tracks. Each source can be controlled independently permitting light customization within each specific area of installation.  The product's sub-structures were designed with a high degree of adjustability in order to be retrofitted within existing store architecture.

The luminaires have been installed nationally throughout both high street and retail park sites. Products shown include installations within the UK flagship store, Oxford Street, London.

Design Team: A collaboration between Marks and Spencer (Client) LAPD (Lighting Consultants) and iGuzzini UK* (Lighting Manufacturer,)

*Undertaken whilst our director was employed as Special Products Manager at iGuzzini UK.