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Spring Summer 2014 Collection: Pyestock


New for Spring Summer 2014, Skinflint's latest collection of authentic vintage lighting comprises entirely of lights from one specific location: The National Gas Turbine Establishment, known simply as Pyestock, it was the place the jet engine as we know it was nurtured and grew to power jets at supersonic speeds, once an iconic site of British engineering now a glimpse into the demise of British industry.

Read more about the Pyestock Story here:


Concorde Test House Lights type 2


Cell 2 Jet Pandants


Concorde Test House Lights Type 3


Salvaged British Industrial lighting


Salvaged Industrial Bulkheads by REVO


Concorde Test House Lights type 1


Elegant British Street Lights By Maxlume


British Industrial Lights by REVO


Industrial Test Warning Light


British Industrial Lighting by Maxlume


British Industrial Light by Dugdills

Concorde Test House Light Type 7