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Maxlume Oxide pendant lights:



Manufactured over sixty years ago these elegant lights are a piece of living history:

duck egg green enamel vintage light


Made in the 1950’s by one of the leaders in British lighting technology 'Maxlume', the ‘Buxton Certified Flameproof Fittings’ would have been used in extreme environments within factories. Constructed to withstand methane, acetone and petroleum vapours they have an elegant robustness to their design which accentuates their story.



original catalogue entry for maxlume lighting



The lights have now been completely restored and refurbished by the Skinflint team, and the original galleries treated with our Oxide finish to contrast with the duck egg green of the enamel shade; this not only enhances the manufacturers castings, but also makes for a colourful addition to a modern scheme.


vintage enamel maxlume lamp shades