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Autumn Winter 2013 collection goes live


Explosion proof paintworks pendants

Salvaged Czechoslovakian machinists lights

English industrial pendant light   

Reclaimed English industrial pendant

Saw Mill Lights. Circa 1930

Salvaged British factory shade

British factory lights. Circa 1950

Skinflint's Autumn Winter collection for 2013 focuses on surface patina. Each of the products within this eclectic mix has been carefully selected for it's special patina of age.

Products such as Czech Machinist Lights and a pair of Explosion Proof Paintworks Pendants still retain their original finish, sensitively preserved and sealed by our specialist team in the exact state in which they were found. Others like the vintage British floor light by Hadrill and Horstmann have been pared back and sealed, showing the beautiful metal work that lay beneath decades of paint and grime.