Lights from Hungary

We salvage high volumes of industrial and decorative lighting from this landlocked former Eastern Bloc country. Hungarian industrial enamel shades are often available in blue or white, whereas the decorative glassware has more of a clean line and timeless design. In the mid to late 20th century, the Communist east produced a wide variety of lights for both industrial, commercial and residential applications often manufactured in three scaled versions to cater for varying bulb wattage.

industrial white enamel and polished aluminium pendantrt deco cinema ceiling light with interior mirror

Hungarian piggery lights (V1)


hungarian opaline and porcelain period pendant lights

Opaline period lighting (Type 1)


Reclaimed Hungarian aluminium pendant lights


black enamel eastern bloc pendants 1960s

Eastern Bloc factory shades


salvaged Hungarian railway signal light

Salvaged Hungarian railway signal lights


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