Thorlux Lighting

Thorlux was founded by Frederick William Thorpe in 1936 in Small Heath, Birmingham. The company produced vitreous enamelled shades for lighting factories, workshops, mills and farm buildings during the progressive industrialisation of the 1930s through to the 1950s. Thorlux is still in existence over 75 years later, manufacturing a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for architectural and industrial applications. The classic enamel shades from the 1950s with the distinctive Thorlux branding are one of our firm favourites.

Industrial LED lighting by Thorlux


British industrial angled asymmetric pedant by thorlux

Vintage industrial pendants by Thorlux


green enamel vintage pendant lights by Thorlux

Vintage pendant lights by Thorlux (M)


Vintage British pendants by Thorlux


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