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Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall

‘Hard Rock’ visitor centre at Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall was undertaken in collaboration with Gendall Design (Graphic Designers.)

SkinFlint Design were responsible for the lighting design and specification for the scheme as well as for the overall exhibition layout, navigation and AutoCAD detailing to permit set construction and integration of third party interactive exhibits.

The striking set layout within the ground floor areas, designed to resemble that of a chiselled rock face, is mirrored by a continuous lighting system, its extremely low sectional profile made it appropriate for the restricted ceiling height. Finished in matt black to match the ceiling, the product blends into the area and the lit element resembles that of a 'fault line' or ‘light shaft’ whilst providing an even distribution of illumination across the centre's content. Display cases and cabinets are highlighted via a combination of Fibre Optic and LED Sources.

The mezzanine level benefits from extremely high ambient light levels and an exposed raw ceiling. A discreet track system was specified to tie in with the architecture and equipped with spotlights accentuating the individual interactive exhibits and graphical representations. To the rear of the exhibits a perimeter array of flood lights were specified to act as a backdrop to the exhibits whilst highlighting the architecture and providing a sense of the theatrical during evening openings and hospitality events. High level halide projectors mark the stair and circulation areas.

Finally the upper level leads into a gallery area, featuring changing exhibitions with content appropriate to the museum. A mixture of dimmable adjustable flood optic spotlights was specified to illuminate the general area with spot optics accentuating works of art both on the wall and within the central area.