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FutureWorld Lighting

FutureWorld visitor centre is a journey through the past into the present and onwards into the future.

FutureWorld visitor centre at BT’s Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station in Cornwall was undertaken in collaboration with Gendall Design (Graphic Designers). SkinFlint Design were primarily responsible for the overall exhibition layout, navigation and AutoCAD detailing to permit set construction and integration of third party interactive exhibits.

All realised through three zones:

Zone 1:  The History of the Future.

Interactive, interpretative and artefact based content taking visitors on a journey from the Renaissance through to the present day. The space resembles that of the ‘Dark Ages’ with black backed graphics and low lighting levels subtly highlighting the individual interactive exhibits and graphical representations.

Zone 2: Future Briefing Zone

Visitors enter the zone 2 to receive a three minute Musion projection presentation (Full scale holographic display) which summarises their experience of zone 1 and briefs them on how to interact and participate with the content in zone 3. Lighting within zone 2 is to a minimum, in order to heighten the sense of drama unfolding upon the Musion projection screen

Zone 3: Shaping the Future

Here visitors are able to directly input their own ideas, expectations and predictions for the future, whilst being prompted by predictions made by specialist futurologists in the fields of communications, environmental science, transport, fashion, retail and energy. A mixture of fluorescent and LED sources within the final zone creates a high ambient level to re-emphasise that the exhibits are looking toward the future.