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Stuff We Love

The Rolls-Royce Collection

Our Spring/Summer collection for 2017 is salvaged from the mothballed Rolls-Royce factory in Derby, UK. Quite simply, it’s one of the best collections in our history. The factory was built in 1908 to produce the Silver Ghost. But the plant cemented its legacy in the 1940s, by manufacturing the iconic Merlin engine, which powered the Hurricane, the Lancaster Bomber, and the Spitfire. Our reclaimed and restored lights from the factory include sizes and styles to suit most projects.

Posted by: sophie 31.01.2017

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Top interiors and design blogs | Skinflint

At Skinflint we keep an eye on beautiful inspiring design blogs, looking for everything from furniture to textiles and we’re always on the hunt for the rare and unusual.

Posted by: Sophie 12.09.2016

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Douglas Motorcycle Factory

The classic British motorcycle the Douglas is a piece of British history in it's own right. The lights we have sourced illuminated the workshop floor as the 3000 strong team built motorcycles from the early 1920's until the factory closed in the 1950's.

Posted by: Sophie 29.02.2016

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The Shetland Islands and the Up Helly Aa

On our recent trip to Scotland sourcing new products for Skinflint's forthcoming collections we took a little time out to travel further north to the Shetland Isles...

Posted by: Sophie 03.02.2016

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Fire brigade Search light

Posted by: Sophie 16.02.2015

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Art Deco Lighting

Here at Skinflint we are big fans of Art Deco and the stylish lighting which was produced in what was actually a relatively short era of design history. Art Deco style really began in the post WW1 boom times of the roaring twenties. With electric light becoming widely available designers of lighting, both domestic and street, explored the evolving styles of the day with a new-found freedom...

Posted by: sophie 09.10.2014

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American Portable Runway Light

A short history of the rare U.S.A.F. 'Bartow' or HILV light.

Posted by: Sophie 02.09.2014

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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Some of our photos from the recent team meeting at Tremenheere sculpture gardens.

Posted by: Sophie 05.05.2014

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The Pyestock story

The latest collection from the Skinflint workshop comprises entirely of lights from one specific location: The National Gas Turbine Establishment, known simply as Pyestock, it was the place the jet engine as we know it was nurtured and grew to supersonic speeds.

Posted by: Sophie 05.03.2014

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Pyestock in pictures

A selection of incredible images from the Pyestock site.

Posted by: Sophie 05.03.2014

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A snowflake is born in 'Snowtime'

watch this beautiful microscopic time-lapse film showing snowflakes forming.

Posted by: sophie 25.02.2014

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Behind the scenes at our recent workshop photoshoot

A short 'behind the scenes' film from our recent workshop photo shoot, showing some of the processes our lights go through from their arrival to the finished product

Posted by: Sophie 07.02.2014

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Dunlop History

A small part of the story behind our Dunlop Aerospace Lights

Posted by: Sophie 08.01.2014

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Dunlop Aerospace Lights

Some images of the Dunlop Aerospace lights in their original setting.

Posted by: sophie 08.01.2014

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Storm Hercules in Cornwall

Incredible footage, shot by Carve surfing magazine at the picturesque Sennen Cove showing the awesome power of storm Hercules

Posted by: Sophie 08.01.2014

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Frozen Lighthouses of Michigan

Incredible images of the big freeze in Michigan captured by photographer Thomas Zakowski

Posted by: Sophie 07.01.2014

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Stunning snowflakes

Snowflakes are just beautiful aren't they? A selection of close up images of one of natures' marvels

Posted by: Sophie 18.12.2013

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A perfect cabin in Iceland

On our recent trip to Iceland we were privileged to stay in this beautiful spot.

Posted by: Sophie 20.11.2013

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Overview: what happened when we saw the earth from space

This 19 minute film looks at how seeing earth from space for the first time changed our perspective forever.

Posted by: Sophie 19.11.2013

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Cockenzie Power Station

The team at Skinflint were thrilled to salvage the majority of the lights from the former power station at Cockenzie in Scotland. Many well known lighting brands such as Benjamin, Lacent and Holophane were installed to illuminate cavernous halls that once echoed with the roar of turbines powered by coal fired furnaces.

Posted by: Sophie 05.11.2013

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Cockenzie in pictures

The team at Skinflint were thrilled to salvage the majority of the lights from the former power station at Cockenzie in Scotland. Here we present a small collection of images of the Power station's monumental exterior and evocative interior.

Posted by: Sophie 04.11.2013

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Vintage American traffic Lights

It's such an evocative image isn't it? The American traffic light hanging over the road, the stuff of so many films. That's exactly where our US traffic light pendants started their lives. 

Posted by: Sophie 21.10.2013

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The striking photographs of Peter Mitchell

As a boy Peter Mitchell loved his 'I Spy' books; this spotters eye granted him a career in graphic design and enabled him to capture a decaying industrial landscape throughout his years 'paying the rent' as a lorry driver in the 1970's

Posted by: Sophie 08.10.2013

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Ozone Coffee roasters

We recently supplied our lighting to East London Coffee Roasters Ozone, check out this short film explaining what they do and sneak a peek at our lovely lights in the background!

Posted by: Sophie 01.10.2013

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The Perihel Vintage Sunlamp

Perihel light therapy lamps are a rarity which we are occasionally lucky to find. They were manufactured in many different styles for home use from single head sun lamps to the deluxe twin headed infar red and ultraviolet. With their over engineered elegant detailing, these lamps were developed by Perihel for the once popular light therapy and were used both in hospital settings and at home.

Posted by: Sophie 23.07.2013

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Pirelli Factory Warehouses

Beautiful images of the derelict interior of the Pirelli Factory and warehouses in Burton On Trent.

Posted by: Sophie 21.05.2013

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Vintage Vacations- Awesome Airstreams

A few weeks ago we visited the very lovely Isle of Wight and stayed in a fabulously stylish vintage Spartanette caravan

Posted by: Sophie 15.05.2013

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Here Is Today

Two intriguing and beautiful ways of displaying time.

Posted by: Eddie 08.05.2013

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TED talks are held over 4 days every year, consisting of anything technology, entertainment & design. They're based from 3 locations, TED at Vancouver, Canada, TEDActive at Whistler, Canada (which runs concurrently with TED at Vancouver) and TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland. TED was created to spread inspiration from attendees & speakers and a well worth a listen.

Posted by: Eddie 25.03.2013

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Inspiring Desk

This is a desk titled 'Homework' designed and built by Tomas Kral. Tomas Kral is a product designer based in Lausanne in Switzerland.

Posted by: Eddie 27.02.2013

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Surely this is the future.

This short video demonstrates the next level of 'Super' super-capacitors. The best bit...they're biodegradable!

Posted by: Eddie 25.02.2013

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Fire and Ice: The Frozen warehouse of Chicago

We love these breathtakingly beautiful images of what happened when firefighters attended a warehouse blaze in Chicago.

Posted by: Sophie 11.02.2013

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Snow Art of Simon Beck

The snow art of Simon Beck, Savoie, France.

Posted by: Eddie 30.01.2013

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Light Show: Hayward Gallery, London

Light Show opens at London's Hayward Gallery on Wednesday 30th January and explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of light by bringing together sculptures and installations that use light to sculpt and shape space in different ways. We can't wait!

Posted by: Chris 28.01.2013

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GravityLight- inspirational design for developing countries

Here at Skinflint we love clever sustainable design and the GravityLight is both. Offering a real alternative to Africa's ubiquitous kerosene lamps, the only thing it uses is the force of gravity.

Posted by: Sophie 14.01.2013

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Ephemeral clouds: the art of Berndnaut Smilde

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde's fascination with the ephemeral has led him to master the art of creating his own clouds.

Posted by: Sophie 20.12.2012

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Shooting Stars

A timelapse of the night sky which captured this years' Leonid meteor shower

Posted by: Sophie 29.11.2012

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Nice Invention

Clearing land mines using wind power.

Posted by: Eddie 27.11.2012

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Winter's Here.

I've always got time to look at some nice cabins.

Posted by: Eddie 24.10.2012

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Original Pifco Heatlamp catalogue

A lovely selection if images from our original 1960's Pifco Infradette catalogue

Posted by: Sophie 29.09.2012

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Think New: Climate change, Energy, Action

A lovely short animation about changing habits relating to CO2 consumption

Posted by: Sophie 04.05.2012

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The Wave: The calcified sand-dunes of Arizona

Another very special place to visit on our blog this week- the calcified sand dunes of Arizona

Posted by: sophie 07.04.2012

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A holiday amongst the trees

Nestled in the trees of Sweden's Harads are these five unique tree rooms forming the Treehotel. Each room and it's interior has been individually designed by leading Scandinavian architects and designers.

Posted by: Sophie 22.03.2012

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Cosmic Communist Constructions in the former Soviet Union

'Cosmic Communist Constructions' by Frederic Chaubin, published by Taschen, is a photographic record of ninety buildings from the fourteen former Soviet Republics. We have selected a few of our favourite images for you here.

Posted by: Sophie 16.03.2012

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A Brilliant Idea: The LED Story

A beautiful short film, illustrating why LED bulbs are the future, saving the planet energy and CO2, and saving you money.

Posted by: Sophie 22.02.2012

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The Sands Of Time: Abandoned Monuments in The Former Yugoslavia

From 2006 to 2009, the photographer Kempenaers used a 1975 map of memorials to tour the ex-Yugoslavia region, now Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. to record these striking monuments. I'm sure you will agree they are certainly striking even though their original meaning is being lost to the dads of time.

Posted by: Sophie 21.02.2012

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Interior of an icon- redesigning the Airstream

Here at SkinFlint we are big fans of the Airstream, here are some lovely and unusual creative solutions for the interiors of this iconic caravan.

Posted by: Sophie 13.02.2012

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Monumental Light: James Turrell's Skyspaces

James Turrell is an artist whose palette is the planet we live on. He makes light monumental and encourages his audience to look 'beyond', to see the extraordinary in the every day.

Posted by: Sophie 31.01.2012

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Subversive Photography: Bernt and Hilla Becher's Water Towers

Architectural photography has never been so subversive as the life works of two of my favorite artists Bernd and Hilla Becher. Here is a small selection of their Water Towers series.

Posted by: Sophie 19.01.2012

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Running up a hill in the dark wearing a suit of lights?

Ground breaking art collective NVA have plans afoot for a new piece. Taking place in August 2012 and entitled Speed Of Light it's an intriguing collision of the worlds of Art and Sport and will take place over three weeks bringing Edinburgh's iconic mountain Arthurs Seat to life.

Posted by: Sophie 11.12.2011

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Caravantastic- an off grid 'micro-home'

Glenn Grassi is a theatre designer who has just made his first foray into micro home construction, this is the result....

Posted by: Sophie 27.11.2011

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Eames: The Architect and The Painter

We can't wait for this fascinating portrait of Charles and Ray Eames to be released in the UK. As we can't see the full film, here's a little preview.

Posted by: Sophie 15.11.2011

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Night Clouds on Anglesea

The amazing natural phenomenon of 'Noctilucent' clouds.

Posted by: Sophie 10.11.2011

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Murmuration of starlings on the River Shannon

This surprise murmeration of starlings was caught on film by Sophie Windsor-Clive and Liberty Smith as they rowed across the Shannon river in Ireland.

Posted by: sophie 09.11.2011

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Lovely tree Houses

As it's autumn and the leaves are falling it feels like a good time to be reliving my childhood dreams of fantastic arboreal homes

Posted by: Sophie 02.11.2011

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In love with light- an architecture of colour

I have been rather in love with Luminaria since visiting one at Somerset House in the early noughties. The Architects of Air tour the world with their five structures allowing visitors from across the globe to experience light and colour as they never have before.

Posted by: Sophie 20.10.2011

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