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Lighting Catalogues

GECoRAY Catalogue

The origins and application of retail lighting. A catalogue from GEC

Posted by: Sophie 01.05.2017

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A history of vintage British lighting brands

Britain’s fast, competitive industrial lighting sector in the mid-20th century means there are often distinctive vintage lighting designs to be found today.

Posted by: Skinflint 04.05.2016

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New photography at Skinflint

A selection of our latest lifestyle photography, featuring in addition to our own lights and props, papers and books by Cambridge Imprint.

Posted by: Sophie 07.07.2015

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Dunlop History

A small part of the story behind our Dunlop Aerospace Lights

Posted by: Sophie 08.01.2014

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Cockenzie Power Station

The team at Skinflint were thrilled to salvage the majority of the lights from the former power station at Cockenzie in Scotland. Many well known lighting brands such as Benjamin, Lacent and Holophane were installed to illuminate cavernous halls that once echoed with the roar of turbines powered by coal fired furnaces.

Posted by: Sophie 05.11.2013

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Cockenzie in pictures

The team at Skinflint were thrilled to salvage the majority of the lights from the former power station at Cockenzie in Scotland. Here we present a small collection of images of the Power station's monumental exterior and evocative interior.

Posted by: Sophie 04.11.2013

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The Perihel Vintage Sunlamp

Perihel light therapy lamps are a rarity which we are occasionally lucky to find. They were manufactured in many different styles for home use from single head sun lamps to the deluxe twin headed infar red and ultraviolet. With their over engineered elegant detailing, these lamps were developed by Perihel for the once popular light therapy and were used both in hospital settings and at home.

Posted by: Sophie 23.07.2013

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Holophane Decay

This shot was taken pre-referbishment. This particular fixture was from the National Turbine Test facilities at Pyestock, Fleet, UK. Circa 1950.

Posted by: Ed 19.06.2013

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Pirelli Factory Warehouses

Beautiful images of the derelict interior of the Pirelli Factory and warehouses in Burton On Trent.

Posted by: Sophie 21.05.2013

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Made in England - Benjamin Electric Ltd

The Benjamin Electric Lighting company was founded in the late 19th Century by Reuben Berkley Benjamin in Chicago, Illinois. The companies success lead to expantion from Chicago to New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London & Birmingham.

Posted by: Eddie 13.02.2013

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Is it the end for fluorescent lighting

Scientists in Wake Forest University in North Carolina have developed a alternative to fluorescent lighting using polymers.

Posted by: Eddie 03.12.2012

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Original Pifco Heatlamp catalogue

A lovely selection if images from our original 1960's Pifco Infradette catalogue

Posted by: Sophie 29.09.2012

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'Holophane' a short History Of Prismatic Lighting

Holophane began to manufacture prismatic shades pretty much at the birth of electricity. Prismatic shades break up and spread the beam of light into a myriad of beams using prisms, making a lower voltage bulb a more effective light source.

Posted by: Sophie 29.10.2011

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