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Spring Summer Collection 2015

Our New Collection for Spring 2015 focuses on reclaimed work lights, each with its own original story to tell and all sourced from a diverse range of loactions, please click on the product that interests you to find out more:


Laboratory lights. Circa 1950

 Laboratory Work Lights Circa 1950



Textile Factory Lights Circa 1930 Salvaged 

Salvaged Czechoslovakian machinists lights  

Czechoslovakian Machinist Lights

Vintage Industrial machinist lighting 

Vintage Industrial machinist lighting

Mek Elek industrial light and base

 MekElek Industrial Light and Base

Asylum wall lights 

Asylum Wall Lights

Vintage Eastern Bloc machinists light 

Vintage Eastern Bloc Machinist's Lights

British Industrial lighting from Dugdills 

British Industrial Lighting from Dugdills

Map reading light 'The Horstmann Pluslite' 

Map-reading Light 'The Horstmann Pluslite' v1

Map reading light 'The Horstmann Pluslite' (V2) 

Map-reading Light 'The Horstmann Pluslite' v2

English made light by Walligraph 

English-made Light by Walligraph




Posted by: sophie 25.02.2015