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Asylum Wall Lights

Asylum wall lights in cane hill

Mounted on the walls of many a hospital were our beautiful Asylum Wall Lights. Pictured here in the infamous Cane Hill Lunatic Asylum you can see them poised over the beds or bent and broken hanging down the flaking paint of the water damaged walls.

Installed in the late 50's their clean lines and elegant shape mean that they are now considered a classic of mid-century design, from a practical point of view the articulation of the arm and head enabled the bed and patient to be easily illuminated by the resident medical staff. Unfortunately many of these elegant lights were lost during 1980's refurbishment programs, simply discarded as being 'old fashioned' and 'out of date' they are now highly sought after stylish collectors items, and make for beautiful wall mounted bedside lamps with a slightly unusual history.



with thanks to Andre Govia and other Urban Explorers for the images

Posted by: sophie 24.02.2015