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Choosing the right lightbulb for your vintage light

We’re often asked which lightbulbs are best for our light fittings – particularly whether vintage, industrial lights need special bulbs. It might come as a surprise that we actively recommend standard domestic bulbs for our lights – exactly the same as you’d buy for a modern fixture.

Posted by: Sophie 11.05.2017

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GECoRAY Catalogue

The origins and application of retail lighting. A catalogue from GEC

Posted by: Sophie 01.05.2017

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1950's original church wall lights

With their interesting history these 1950's vintage wall lights salvaged from St Barnabas church in London's Bethnal Green are a real find:

Posted by: Sophie 30.03.2017

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The Rolls-Royce Collection

Our Spring/Summer collection for 2017 is salvaged from the mothballed Rolls-Royce factory in Derby, UK. Quite simply, it’s one of the best collections in our history. The factory was built in 1908 to produce the Silver Ghost. But the plant cemented its legacy in the 1940s, by manufacturing the iconic Merlin engine, which powered the Hurricane, the Lancaster Bomber, and the Spitfire. Our reclaimed and restored lights from the factory include sizes and styles to suit most projects.

Posted by: sophie 31.01.2017

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Hallway lighting design ideas

Helpful ideas and tips for your hallway lighting scheme from the lighting designers at Skinflint

Posted by: Sophie 07.11.2016

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Vintage Lighting Restored- Skinflint film

A glimpse behind the scenes showing the story of a skinflint light from sourcing through restoration to it's final installation...

Posted by: Sophie 31.10.2016

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Kitchen Lighting design ideas

Helpful ideas and tips for creating your own kitchen lighting scheme from the lighting designers at Skinflint

Posted by: Sophie 21.10.2016

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Style inspiration from our new collection of opaline glassware:

With the nights drawing in and shorter days just around the corner, we have put together a selection of images from our recent photoshoot to give you some styling ideas for our Autumn Winter 2016 collection of white opaline glass lights:

Posted by: sophie 05.09.2016

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A history of vintage British lighting brands

Britain’s fast, competitive industrial lighting sector in the mid-20th century means there are often distinctive vintage lighting designs to be found today.

Posted by: Skinflint 04.05.2016

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How to Buy Vintage Lighting

we are often asked how to buy vintage lighting, so when Kate Watson Smyth from the excellent blog Mad about the house asked us we finally put our heads together to answer:

Posted by: Kate Watson Smyth & Skinflint 25.04.2016

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Douglas Motorcycle Factory

The classic British motorcycle the Douglas is a piece of British history in it's own right. The lights we have sourced illuminated the workshop floor as the 3000 strong team built motorcycles from the early 1920's until the factory closed in the 1950's.

Posted by: Sophie 29.02.2016

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Lighting in Bathrooms, understanding IP Ratings

We are often asked about bathroom lighting. The fact of the matter is that it's not as straightforward as I Like that light, I'll buy it for my bathroom. Something called an IP rating is rather important in a bath or wet-room. But just because you have fallen for a light that is not IP rated it does not mean you can't use it in your bathroom.....

Posted by: Sophie 09.11.2015

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Vintage British Lighting

Here at Skinflint we have always been fascinated by the history of British manufacturing. Many of the vintage lights we salvage come from the old industrial heartland of England where factories now stand empty. These images show you a few of the settings our lights originally called home.

Posted by: Sophie 02.11.2015

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Skinflint Polishers

A behind the scenes look at some of the workmanship which goes into our lights

Posted by: Sophie 20.04.2015

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Spring Summer Collection 2015

Posted by: sophie 25.02.2015

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Asylum wall lights

Some of the history behind our English wall mounted reading lights which were salvaged from a Victorian lunatic asylum in the Midlands, UK. Circa 1950. Widely utilised

Posted by: sophie 24.02.2015

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Rare Map Reading Lights by Horstmann

'The Horstmann Pluslite' is a vintage English desk lamp originally designed for map reading. Circa 1940. These lovely examples would have illuminated the desks and maps of WW2 and beyond.

Posted by: sophie 23.02.2015

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Fire brigade Search light

Posted by: Sophie 16.02.2015

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Art Deco Lighting

Here at Skinflint we are big fans of Art Deco and the stylish lighting which was produced in what was actually a relatively short era of design history. Art Deco style really began in the post WW1 boom times of the roaring twenties. With electric light becoming widely available designers of lighting, both domestic and street, explored the evolving styles of the day with a new-found freedom...

Posted by: sophie 09.10.2014

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American Portable Runway Light

A short history of the rare U.S.A.F. 'Bartow' or HILV light.

Posted by: Sophie 02.09.2014

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REVO classic British industrial lighting

REVO lights not only span a large section of history, sixty years and two world wars, but they encompass a huge range of styles from prismatic lanterns and wall mounted bulkheads to an array of enamel shades and even fluorescent tube lights, all looking as stylish and well made today as they did when they were first manufactured. Here is a short history of the REVO company.

Posted by: Sophie 06.05.2014

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The Pyestock story

The latest collection from the Skinflint workshop comprises entirely of lights from one specific location: The National Gas Turbine Establishment, known simply as Pyestock, it was the place the jet engine as we know it was nurtured and grew to supersonic speeds.

Posted by: Sophie 05.03.2014

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Behind the scenes at our recent workshop photoshoot

A short 'behind the scenes' film from our recent workshop photo shoot, showing some of the processes our lights go through from their arrival to the finished product

Posted by: Sophie 07.02.2014

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Dunlop Aerospace Lights

Some images of the Dunlop Aerospace lights in their original setting.

Posted by: sophie 08.01.2014

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Vintage American traffic Lights

It's such an evocative image isn't it? The American traffic light hanging over the road, the stuff of so many films. That's exactly where our US traffic light pendants started their lives. 

Posted by: Sophie 21.10.2013

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Ozone Coffee roasters

We recently supplied our lighting to East London Coffee Roasters Ozone, check out this short film explaining what they do and sneak a peek at our lovely lights in the background!

Posted by: Sophie 01.10.2013

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The Perihel Vintage Sunlamp

Perihel light therapy lamps are a rarity which we are occasionally lucky to find. They were manufactured in many different styles for home use from single head sun lamps to the deluxe twin headed infar red and ultraviolet. With their over engineered elegant detailing, these lamps were developed by Perihel for the once popular light therapy and were used both in hospital settings and at home.

Posted by: Sophie 23.07.2013

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Holophane Decay

This shot was taken pre-referbishment. This particular fixture was from the National Turbine Test facilities at Pyestock, Fleet, UK. Circa 1950.

Posted by: Ed 19.06.2013

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Surely this is the future.

This short video demonstrates the next level of 'Super' super-capacitors. The best bit...they're biodegradable!

Posted by: Eddie 25.02.2013

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Made in England - Benjamin Electric Ltd

The Benjamin Electric Lighting company was founded in the late 19th Century by Reuben Berkley Benjamin in Chicago, Illinois. The companies success lead to expantion from Chicago to New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London & Birmingham.

Posted by: Eddie 13.02.2013

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GravityLight- inspirational design for developing countries

Here at Skinflint we love clever sustainable design and the GravityLight is both. Offering a real alternative to Africa's ubiquitous kerosene lamps, the only thing it uses is the force of gravity.

Posted by: Sophie 14.01.2013

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Ephemeral clouds: the art of Berndnaut Smilde

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde's fascination with the ephemeral has led him to master the art of creating his own clouds.

Posted by: Sophie 20.12.2012

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Is it the end for fluorescent lighting

Scientists in Wake Forest University in North Carolina have developed a alternative to fluorescent lighting using polymers.

Posted by: Eddie 03.12.2012

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No. 001: Prismalux Bulkhead by Wardle

A stop motion video documenting a Prismalux bulkhead during its restoration process.

Posted by: 14.11.2012

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Original Pifco Heatlamp catalogue

A lovely selection if images from our original 1960's Pifco Infradette catalogue

Posted by: Sophie 29.09.2012

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A Brilliant Idea: The LED Story

A beautiful short film, illustrating why LED bulbs are the future, saving the planet energy and CO2, and saving you money.

Posted by: Sophie 22.02.2012

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Monumental Light: James Turrell's Skyspaces

James Turrell is an artist whose palette is the planet we live on. He makes light monumental and encourages his audience to look 'beyond', to see the extraordinary in the every day.

Posted by: Sophie 31.01.2012

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'Holophane' a short History Of Prismatic Lighting

Holophane began to manufacture prismatic shades pretty much at the birth of electricity. Prismatic shades break up and spread the beam of light into a myriad of beams using prisms, making a lower voltage bulb a more effective light source.

Posted by: Sophie 29.10.2011

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