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Mini Moderns: Mid-Century Modern Living

Mini Moderns: Mid-Century Modern Living

Vivid colours, unique textures and vintage finds. In their latest venture, Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, founders of Mini Moderns, have launched a book 'Mid-Century Modern Living' delving into their creative and practical process on how to style and create modern spaces using influences from the past.

Featuring an eclectic mix of our retro vintage lights, the designers discuss the importance of accent lighting and trophy lighting. Pictured from top to bottom is our retro 1970s Czech prismatic glass light with rich red detailing and a cut-glass shade, our vintage 1960s glass wall light from the former Eastern Bloc with a unique shape and design and finally our 1950s original porcelain and glass wall light, designed in German by industrial designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld.

With thanks to Keith Stephenson, Mark Hampshire from Mini Moderns and Kyle Books. 

Retro 1970s prismatic glass lights

Vintage Czech glass lights (V1)

1950s Wilhelm Wagenfeld wall light

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