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The Concrete apartment in Nagoya Japan

One of our recent projects is The Concrete Apartment in Nagoya, Japan: designed by Keiichi Kiriyama of Airhouse Design Office. 

black factory shades in Concrete apartment Nagoya

The 40 year old building was renovated to suit the lifestyle of the owner, a lover of high fashion, who wished to incorporate display cabinets for recently purchased high fashion clothing.

Nagoya Concrete apartment display cabinets
Walls and ceilings throughout the open plan space feature exposed concrete surfaces. In some places they are polished and in some left in their raw state, complete with pits, chips and plaster smears.
Bare concrete apartment Japan
Skinflint supplied German factory lights which illuminate the kitchen work areas and British bulkhead lights for the circulation areas. 

Black factory enamel shades in Nagoya

Both products accentuate the use of raw concrete throughout the stunning open plan living space.

bare concrete walls and ceiling

I'm sure you will agree that Airhouse Design Office have created an enviable unique, beautiful living space.

Posted by: sophie 20.11.2014