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Cosmic Communist Constructions in the former Soviet Union


Crumbling architecture in bizzare locations, Chaubin's book published by TASCHEN is an impressive photographic record of ninety breathtaking buildings constructed in the former Soviet Union. 


Designed and built between 1970 and 1990 when the old powers were beginning to crumble, Chaubin suggests that these monumental constructions represent a chaotic creativity brought about by the decaying political system under which they were commisioned. Their diversity of style announced, architecturally, the break up of the old Soviet Union, paving the way for the the future. 


Whatever your opinion, with buildings like Kiev Crematorium adorned with its concrete flames and the ornate Palace of Ceremonies in Georgia, it's a gorgeous collection of images and certainly one for my Christmas list- if not a trip out East.....




Images above from left to right: 

Palace of Ceremonies (R. Dzhorbenadze, V. Orbeladze) Tbilisi, Georgia, 1985, 

Soviet embassy in Cuba (A. Rochegov) Havana, 1985, 

The architecture faculty at the Polytechnic Institute of Minsk and its succession of overhanging lecture theaters. (V. Anikin, I. Yesman) Belarus, 1983, 

Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (S. Savin, B. Artiushin) Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1987, The anthropomorphic House of Soviets in Kaliningrad stands on the site of the Saxon castle of Königsberg. Begun in 1974, its construction was never completed because of its structural flaws and the collapse of the USSR, 

Monument to the Battle of Bash-Aparan. (R. Israelyan) Armenia, 1979

Crematorium (A. Miletski) Kiev, Ukraine, 1985

The coloured ceramic pool of the children's health resort in Adler. Russia, (Zurab Tsereteli) 1973,

Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development. (L. Novikov, F. Turiev) Kiev, Ukraine, 1971,

Druzhba sanatorium (I. Vasilevsky, Y. Stefanchuk) Yalta, Ukraine, 1985

Posted by: Sophie 16.03.2012