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Caravantastic- Glenn Grassi's off grid 'micro-home'



Isn't it fabulous? It's made almost entirely out of repurposed and recycled materials so ticks my eco box,it measures just 3.6m x 2.1m so it's definitely compact living.

The interior is cedar-lined, it has a wood burning stove, a bed that converts into a stand-up shower, lots of storage, a composting toilet hidden in the chair, solar chandelier, gravity water and apparently seats 4-6 people inside for a very cozy dinner.

It is insulated on all 4 walls, ceiling and floor to withstand a blizzard and the shingles are rated to withstand hurricane winds, so you'd be able to travel the world in full confidence that you'd be able to stand most weathers.

Personally I think it's completely lovely and it's certainly inspiring to see what can be done with the smallest of interiors.

So, if you have $16,500 to spend and fancy just about the best caravan I've ever seen (and I do see a lot living in Cornwall) then speak to Glenn Grassi- it's for sale!

Via Tiny House Blog

Posted by: Sophie 27.11.2011