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A Little About Us, And Our Lights

At Skinflint, we don’t make lights; we find them.

An abandoned glassworks outside Budapest. Shipbreakers’ yards in Gujarat. The old Dunlop aerospace factory in Coventry. Every light on this site has a history – and a future, too. So we carefully restore each one by hand, one piece at a time.

That might mean soda blasting, polishing, lacquering or rewiring. Whatever it takes to give you a light that works perfectly, to today’s standards, but keeps its original mid-20th century character intact.

And, just as importantly, it’ll arrive quickly, safely packaged and exactly as described – and if it doesn’t look right in your space, you can send it back to us. Because our lights might be from the last century, but our customer service is not.

We like to think that’s why we’re the UK’s leading vintage lighting site, and the reason so many of our customers return… but in truth, it’s probably the lights.

If you have any questions, or need any help with your choice, please do call.